Crew App 

building an employee scheduling tool

Role: Lead Designer 


What is Crew and who is Crew for? Crew is a new work app for teams that includes Messaging, Scheduling, Tasks and Recognition; making schedules, shifts and announcements available on everyone's phone at all times. Crew is for hard-working, organized leaders who want to create shared understanding in order to ensure that everyone on their team has a successful day at work.

Many work products on the market today target desk workers and tech-minded individuals. Crew specifically targets workers that are on their feet for most of their day. These people work in a variety of industries including restaurants, hospitals, non-profits and construction, to name a few. 

When I joined Crew, I was given a blank canvas. Being the first of three design hires, there were no established brand parameters from which to design. I was given an opportunity to start building the brand from the ground up. To date, I've focused on building out both brand guidelines and a product style guide, to ensure that we are building a cohesive set of products that provides value to and solves real problems for our customers.


understanding the Crew customer & IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM

Our users love the Crew product but our data told us that our users really only loved certain parts of the product; chat, tasks, and recognition. The majority of our users were only interacting with the scheduling tab if they wanted to post a photo of their team's schedule. While we were happy to know that our users valued being able to share their schedule with their teams via chat, we wanted to figure out why they weren't using Crew to actually build their team's schedule, too. We conducted a survey, our sales team talked directly with many users, and we made a trip to a local business using Crew to find out how they were making the schedule. The answers? Users were either using 1) Pen and Paper (40%*) 2) Excel (20%*) 3) Competitor products such as Homebase (20%*) or 4) They were required by their company to used a certain scheduling software (20%*). The data also told us that over 70% of our users prefer to build their team's schedule on a computer vs. a mobile phone or tablet. We saw this as an opportunity to extend our scheduling product beyond mobile and into a web product. 

*rounded estimates


To create a robust employee scheduling tool on the Crew web app, based on the following criteria:

1) Managers must be able to track hours and overtime

2) Managers must be able to build a schedule quickly and easily 

3) Managers must be able to print the schedule


Additional nice-to-have's:

1) Weekly weather updates 

2) Weekly employee cost based on hourly rate

3) Option to edit the schedule in Excel



     Lots of sketching to determine the best way to display the information 

    Lots of sketching to determine the best way to display the information 





    Testing out new illustration styles

    STEP 6: